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Complete text of Proof: Interesting activities in conjecture and mathematical proof

Geometric Proof Assignment Questions
Geometric Proof Assignment Solutions

Geometric Proof Test Questions
Geometric Proof Test Solutions

Proof by Induction Assignment Questions
Proof by Induction Assignment Solutions

Proof by Induction Test Questions
Proof by Induction Test Solutions

Additional Proof by Induction assessment materials, kindly provided by Glen Prideaux
Proof by Induction Version 2 Test Questions
Proof by Induction Version 2 Test Solutions

The x^y graph (page 39) as an Excel file

The Little Book of Proof (page 74)

Structuring a Proof (page 75)

A nice, easy test to follow up the Addition Mistakes (Forensic Accountancy) Project (page 82)
Marking schedule for the Addition Mistakes (Forensic Accountancy) Test